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Oyna65™ Fights against Backgammon Bots

Oyna65™ has declared war against the usage of Bots* on its backgammon game platform.

For that reason, Oyna65™ has elected a Board of Trustees that consists of a group of independent and objective world class professional backgammon players (not Oyna65™ employees) who are regarded as a supreme refereeing authority in the backgammon world. The Board of Trustees will have the right to investigate any player’s account that is suspected to be using a Bot and rule on whether that account should be shutdown or not. If the Board concludes that the suspected player was actually using a Bot to assist him in winning the game, then that user’s account will be shut down immediately, his username banned from the system and the outstanding balance in his account will be confiscated and later used to credit the accounts of those players who lost that money.

A player whose username has been banned and account shutdown will be able to file an appeal, and his case will be reexamined by the Board.

*Bot – A computerized software or any other electronic device that is used by a player during the backgammon game for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage against his opponent.

The board of trustees

Robert Wachtel – USA

Robert Wachtel is one of the top 10 best backgammon players in the world. He is the author of the backgammon book ‘In the Game until the End: Winning in Ace-Point End-Games’ (published in 1993).

Masayuki Mochizuki – Japan

Mostly known as “Mochy”, is a backgammon pro and a member of the Japanese Backgammon League. “Mochy” won the 2003 Las Vegas Open, 2005 Bristol “Wide” Open, 2006 Belgian Open and the Consolation competition of the Nordic Open in 2008.

Michael “Falafel” Natanzon – Israel/United States

No. 1 in the 2007 Giants of Backgammon winner of the 2008 Portuguese Open and finalist of the 2008 6th French Open. A world known backgammon commentator and seminars tutor.

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